Metrix App Terms and Policies

Effective Date: January 8, 2024


Welcome to Metrix, a project management application developed by LKPixel. Before using our Android software, please carefully read and understand the terms and policies outlined below. By accessing or using the Metrix app, you agree to comply with these terms and policies. If you do not agree with any part of the terms, please refrain from using the app.


1. Account Registration:

To use the Metrix app, users must log in through their Google Gmail accounts. This ensures a secure and streamlined authentication process, allowing us to maintain the integrity and reliability of user accounts.


2. Project Management:

Metrix enables users to efficiently manage online projects. Users can create projects by providing project names, start and end dates. Additionally, tasks can be added with associated dates and times. Users can tag other registered app users for collaborative projects. Individual projects can also be created for personal use.


3. Project Details:

Once a project is created, users can access a detailed overview of the project, including start and end dates, tasks, and collaborators. Ticking off a task is a personal action and cannot be altered by other users. To undo a task completion, the responsible user must uncheck the task.


4. Community Page:

Metrix includes a community page where users can post questions, accompanied by text or text with an image. Users can interact with posts by liking or disliking, as well as adding comments. It fosters a collaborative environment where users can share insights and seek assistance.


5. User Deletion and Privacy:

Users have the autonomy to delete their own posts and projects if needed. We prioritize user privacy, and any data deletion requests will be promptly addressed.


6. Overview Page:

The first page of the app provides an overview of projects relevant to the user. This feature enhances user experience by allowing quick access to important information.


7. Compliance with Regulations:

Users are expected to comply with the terms set forth by Metrix, as they are independent of Google Gmail. As a Sri Lankan app, Metrix adheres to both Sri Lankan and international regulations governing mobile software.


8. Cyber Security Protection:

While Metrix takes security seriously, users are responsible for their own cyber security. It is imperative that users follow best practices such as using secure passwords, keeping their Google Gmail accounts secure, and being cautious about sharing sensitive information within the app.


9. Disclaimer of Responsibility:

Metrix, developed by LKPixel, is not responsible for any cyber security breaches or issues faced by users. Users are encouraged to take appropriate measures to protect their data and accounts.


10. Changes to Terms and Policies:

Metrix reserves the right to modify these terms and policies at any time. Users will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the app after modifications constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.


In conclusion, the Metrix app aims to provide a user-friendly and collaborative project management experience. By using the app, users agree to the outlined terms and policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you for choosing Metrix!

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